Quantum of Optics and Information Laboratory – LOIC

Quantum of Optics and Information Laboratory-LOIC

Experimental and theoretical research that face fundamental questions of quantum physics are addressed in LOIC. We are interested in the development and implementation of protocols for the processing of quantum information. Of particular interest is the study of the coherence, nonlocality and entanglement properties of quantum objects, as well as the ubiquitous phenomenon of decoherence that hinders the implementation of the qubits conditional dynamics in quantum computing implementation. We are particularly interested in the interaction between photons, and molecular, and atomic qubits; and the quantum control of optical and electronic properties in both organic and inorganic nanosystems as well as their charge and energy transfer mechanisms


  • Ti:Sa Laser @ 710-810 nm >80 fs
  •  Thorlabs Table 
  • Low noise air compressor 
  • Compressor particle filter 
  •  Nonlinear crystals for parametric decay (SPDC)
  •  Work Station
  •  Actively isolated Optical tables
  •  Humidity controlled (Max 50%)
  •  Temperature controlled (Max 22 ºC)
  •   Dark Rooms

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