Smart Agriculture Laboratory – LAIN

Smart Agriculture Laboratory – LAIN

The main subject of the Intelligent Agriculture Laboratory (LAIN) is to contribute to the improvement of the sanitation and yield crops at local and regional scale, throughout providing scientific information of crops, plants and fruits, applying optical and multispectral techniques on remote sensing data like satellite imagery and air photography, and its integration with hydro-climatic information, applying data mining methods and tools.

Service name

  • Vegetation indices on the basis of multispectral imagery
  • Organic Materials spectral analyses
  • Geographic information systems
  • Spatial-temporal data Analysis (Climate, Vegetation, Land use, production and yield crops)
  • Data analytics for efficient and sustainable agriculture
  • Parameterization and measurement of biophysical variables in situ
  • Develop of Web Apps for crop monitoring and periodic analysis systems


  • Photosynthesis System CI-340
  • Weighing instrument to assess moisture biomass
  • Scholander Pump, PMS 1515D
  • DJI Matrice 600 Pro Drone
  • Thermal camera
  • Multispectral camera
  • HR4000 fiber optic spectrometer
  • Hyperspectral camera
  • Fieldwork laptop

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