Ultrafast Spectroscopy laboratory – LEUR

Ultrafast Spectroscopy laboratory – LEUR

We investigated the energy transfer mechanisms down to the biomolecular level in living and artificial energy conversion systems.  The nature of the energy transfer process requires extremely short interaction times being necessary to employ coherent light pulsed in the pico- and femtoseconds regime in two sections by separated rooms. The first, to characterize the fluorescence emission process as a molecular signature to different complexes in the nanosecond scale. And the second, to resolve measurements in faster processes in femtosecond scales, e.g. the lifetime of the intramolecular charge-transfer states.


  • Characterizations of charge or energy transfer in molecular systems with application to photovoltaics or light emission (solar cell materials, light sensors, led diodes, laser diodes, emission lamps, etc)
  • Advisory in optics, optical spectroscopy, physics of molecules, nano-systems and photonics.
  • Loan of facilities and equipment for mounting tests in optical spectroscopy.


  •  Ti:Sa Laser @ 710-810 nm >15 fs
  •  APD measurement systems
  • TCSPC electronics
  •  Second harmonic generation
  •  Super continuum generation
  •  SCMOS camera
  •  Actively isolated Optical tables
  •  Humidity controlled (Max 50%)
  •  Temperature controlled (Max 25 ºC)
  •  Dark Rooms

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